How To Get Free Backlinks

Dear fellow Warriors,

You' love backlinks right?

Just can't get enough of them!

After all, where would your websites be…..

* At the bottom of the pile

* Down in the depths of the deep blue sea

* Shouting in the dark, frantically trying to get attention

But you're not sure how to get more of them in the fastest and cheapest way possible.

You've got that sneaking feeling that there must be an easier way, a better way to increase the links back to your websites that have so far eluded you. You'd be right!

As you read this letter, you're about to find out why you've been constantly hitting road block after road block when seeking different and cheaper way of getting great backlinks to your money site

You're about to discover how to…..

With A Few Clicks of Your Mouse, Grab An Avalanche of FREE Backlinks!

And the best thing is…….

* You can get these backlinks on tap

* Peer behind the curtain of where your competitors are getting there's from

* A steady list of PROVEN backlinks used time and time again by professionals

Fact is. the professional backlinkers weren't born knowing how to get them, they had to study and learn like everyone else.

If you're an experienced backlinker and have studied ALL of the different ways to get them, I'll be straight up and say this course ain't for you. Click off this page and go and purchase your next backlink package on another thread. Thanks for your time, thanks for your interest. Good luck!

I'm a bit of a geek, I'm not going to lie to you on this one, I absolutely love testing, tweaking, and turning things upside down to get BETTER results. Backlink packages aren't the be all and end all, and what I'm going to show you on this course once you've hit the "Buy" button is a few simple techniques that are so simple, you'll wonder why you haven't been applying them before.

The direct link and access to FREE software that shows you what backlinks your competitiors have, where they're getting them from and more importantly, what anchor link text they're attacking. This info is SOLID GOLD!!


No Joke!

This is great for your own money sites and gives you instant credibility if you have offline clients.

You Get 3 modules broken into 8 parts

Module 1 Is the newbie section which has 2 components explaining backlinks and the usual places to get them

Module 2 is the meat and gravy of the course. This is has 4 components, that are in fact 4 startegies to get free backlinks on tap in a sustainable long term way.

Module 3 Gives you 4 bonus components that could be seen as slightly grey hat and i leave it up to you if you'd like to use them.

A PDF guide explaining each strategy in detail

8 Videos that can be viewed online or downloaded onto your hard drive, your choice? These are available for you to view in Windows Media Player, IPAD and IPHONE formats.

8 MP3 Recordings for you to listen In your own time

3 Process maps outlining each strategy in simple easy to follow diagrams.

Sure, I could have simply just produced a PDF report with ALL the information and you would have been happy. But, Ive looked at the thousands of comments in Warrior Forum threads and have listen and applied your suggestions.

You asked for a simple easy to follow PDF's – CHECK

You asked for "Process Maps" that show you strategies in use that are more visual – CHECK

You asked for videos to view online. – CHECK

You asked for videos you could download onto your harddrive – CHECK

You asked for MP3 recordings you could listen to at your leisure either on your IPAD, IPOD, IPHONE etc etc – CHECK

You asked for a no questions asked 100% 30 Day moneyback guarantee if you weren't entirely happy with your purchaseCHECK

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

* Once your secure payment is complete you'll be getting instant access to the digital files.

 100% 30 Day moneyback guarantee if you not entirely happy with your purchase




To you success,

Desmond Dreckett aka DesDrec

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